Originally distributed via Good to Know on November 19
Your toolkit for holiday small talk

Turkey is pretty good.

Stuffing, too.

And family? Family’s the best.

But if your family is anything like ours, they ask a ton of questions. Most of the questions are fairly easy to answer:

  • No, Aunt Linda, we’re not watching Scandal.
  • Yes, Grandma, we got that afghan you sent, and the bag of Werther’s Original was, indeed, a special treat.
  • No, Sam Jr., we don’t know why the sky is blue. It has something to do with light refraction (probably?). Go see if your dad knows. 

But then they might ask you what Toyota’s up to, if you’ve driven that new hydrogen car (Mirai) or that cute little three wheeler (iRoad).

All you need to know is as close as your smart phone or any computer. If your Cousin Bobby starts ranting about how corporations don’t care, just show him The Toyota Effect, four videos about surprising things Toyota is doing to make the world a better place. 

If your brother won’t stop pestering you with questions about the One Toyota Move, just stay calm and click the link to regale the family with computer generated scenes of our new campuses and interiors.

And when Aunt Linda just will not stop talking about Scandal (we get it, it’s good), divert her by clicking this link to the Fueled by Everything videos (featuring the celebrated reunion of Back to the Future stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd).

And then, after dinner, just settle into a chair, crawl under Grandma’s afghan, unwrap a Werther’s Original, and enjoy some quality Thanksgiving family time.