Kentucky in-state tuition residency requirements

  • Presumed nonresident status if graduate from an out-of-state high school, residence outside of Kentucky or move to Kentucky to enroll.  Typically, 12-month KY residency required prior to 1st term applying as KY resident.
  • Presumed non residency can could be overcome by demonstrating KY domicile and residency with verifiable circumstances:
    • Claimed as a dependent of parent
    • Accepting full time employment in Kentucky, including job transfer
    • Filing KY income tax returns for previous year
    • KY vehicle registration, KY driver’s license, KY Voter registration, pay KY property taxes, etc.
    • KY resident for 12 months at least halftime prior to 1st term applying as KY resident

Michigan in-state tuition residency requirements
(assuming child did not go to high school in Michigan)

In the state of Michigan it appears that each school has similar but somewhat unique in-state tuition rules.  

University of Michigan
Full details:

Applicants Claiming Residency on the Basis of Employment. If you are seeking to establish that you are a Michigan resident on the basis of your permanent employment in the State, or the permanent employment of your parent, spouse, or partner, you must also submit the following documents:

  • A signed letter from the employer, written on letterhead (including phone number), stating the position, status and dates of employment; and
  • A copy of the most recent pay stub showing that Michigan taxes are being withheld.

Application for in-state tuition based on residency

Michigan State University
Full details:

MSU does state that they look for 1 year of residency prior to the first day of classes, but it is not required and there are circumstances where residency can be granted without having lived in the state for 1 year.