While the HQ site is full of activity these days, the majority of progress is taking place at building E1.The crew has started to put together the formwork for the first elevated level.

Once the forms are in place, and all underground mechanical, engineering and plumbing (MEP) infrastructures are installed, the concrete is poured. Once the concrete has reached its full strength the form pans are removed and the finished product is complete.

Pan forms at Level 1 Elevated Deck – Building E1.

Reinforcing installed at Level 1 – Building E1.

After the forms are removed and the concrete has reached full strength, a new series of tables are set for the next level, where the process starts all over again.

Assembling tables for Level 2 – Building E1.

Columns being poured for Level 2 – Building E1.

Tables support the formwork, holding it up at the correct height until the concrete is poured. Just like the pan forms, once concrete is poured, the tables are removed.

Eventually, it starts to look like a building!

Want to follow the action in real time? Tune in to our live feed on the Construction Zone for front row seats to the site!