Jim Lentz shares his point of view of top issues raised on our path to One Toyota

CEO Jim Lentz, sat down with Julie Hamp, Chief Communications Officer, for an in-depth interview in late July—three months after the One Toyota announcement.

Watch the interview in which Jim shares his thoughts about how we are doing towards our goal of One Toyota and answers questions about key issues raised by team members and associates.

Use the timestamps below to fast-forward to a particular segment of the interview.

Question 1: It’s been 3 months since we announced our plans to move to Plano, and expand our Southeast Michigan and Georgetown, Kentucky campuses... and a lot has happened since then. What are some of the things accomplished so far? (00:23)

Question 2: Can you talk more about the organizational design? (02:20)

Question 3: With all that work under way, would you say we’re on track? (03:05)

Question 4: What else are you hearing from our associates and team members? (org structure, cost of living adjustment, comp and benefits) (03:44)

Question 5: One issue I’ve heard is about the perception from some that “TMS or TEMA is running things,” depending on who you're with. What’s your opinion on this? (06:01)

Question 6: I have two more questions for you. First, what are your thoughts on how we keep everyone engaged who is either waiting to move or who knows they can’t move? And second, our teams want the FULL story about their destination city – including the good and the bad. What would you say about that? (07:06)

Question 7: As we bring this to a close, what advice can you give to associates and team members who are waiting for specifics, and trying to navigate the changes ahead? (09:04)