Navigating the toll road system in North Texas may be a little daunting at first. In fact, sometimes you may be surprised to find yourself on a toll road – or you might even be surprised by a bill in the mail saying you were on a toll road and didn’t pay your toll (as experienced by one TEMA member, who asked us to dig a little into this topic). And while you can avoid using toll roads, with more than 850 tolled lane miles in the area, you will likely find them convenient at some point.

Keep an eye out for these sign which indicate you are on, or approaching the Dallas North Tollway. Other toll roads in the area have similar signs to inform motorists they are on or entering a toll road or a toll bridge.

In North Texas, most toll roads, including the Dallas North Tollway which connect downtown Dallas and cities in Collin County, including Plano, are managed by the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA). You can learn a lot by visiting the NTTA website; we also compiled some basics for you below.

Visiting North Texas

While on your site introduction trip to North Texas, you will have access to a loaner vehicle equipped with a “plate pass” to use on toll roads. Fees for accessing toll roads are covered while associates and team members are on the two night/three-day trip.

However, if you decide to extend your trip, or take any additional trips to the Plano region, the NTTA offers a few different options for paying tolls while driving a rental car:

  • Zip-Pass offers a convenient way to pay tolls when driving a rental vehicle on NTTA toll roads. A Zip-Pass account is a short-term method to pay for tolls, helping you to avoid added fines, fees and opt-in costs charged by rental car companies.

  • Various rental car companies share vehicle information with the NTTA to offer toll road access to their customers, while others offer an optional toll road plan at the time of the rental. Before driving NTTA roadways in a rental vehicle, be sure to ask your rental car company about its individual toll policy.

Living in North Texas

There are more than 850 tolled lane miles in North Texas. Photo: NTTA

If you relocate to the area, you’ll want to look closely into how you’ll get to and from the new headquarters, your new home, shopping, entertainment and activities. To learn more about the toll roads in Texas, you can take a look at this map of NTTA’s Roads and Projects and this map from the Texas Department of Transportation. You can also reference these Toll Rate and Trip Rate Calculator charts to help you determine the costs of your trips.

There are two ways to pay your tolls – by mail (ZipCash) or by using the NTTA’s TollTag. If you will be using toll roads, you will save a substantial amount by using TollTag.

  • ZipCash: Cameras capture your vehicle’s license plate when you pass through a toll lane. An invoice for the toll payment is sent to the registered owner's address.

  • TollTag: A TollTag transponder sticker is mounted on your vehicle’s windshield. Each time you pass through a toll lane, the toll is deducted straight from your prepaid account (similarly to the FasTrak system that may be familiar to Torrance-based associates).

You’ll have to see for yourself if the convenience and quality of the toll roads balance out the costs of using them. Regardless, you’ll want to arm yourself with the basics, so you won’t be surprised.