The "Did You Know" Series is a deep dive on a topic you choose for each of our destination cities. Maybe you want to know the best sushi restaurants in the Georgetown/Lexington area. Perhaps you are curious about activities for kids in Plano. Or perhaps you want to know where to find the most popular parks in the Ann Arbor area. Suggest a topic; we'll pick one for each city and do the rest.

Email your suggestions to us and check out the stories below.

Did You Know: Toll Roads in Texas – Don’t Be Caught off Guard

Our new “Did You Know” article takes a closer look at the toll road system in North Texas. With many team members and associates visiting the area with family members, you are likely to face this question at some point: to toll, or not to toll? We gathered some basic information and tips for you in this article, inspired by a question from a TEMA team member. Take a look!

Did You Know: Grown-up Living in DFW

You may already know that Plano and the DFW Metroplex area are considered pretty great for families. But did you know that the area has a lot to offer to singles, or parents looking for things to do without their children? This week we focus on all the grown-up things you can do and places you can visit in Dallas and around.

Did You Know: Clean Eating Destinations, or Not So Much?

Earlier this year, we asked Toyota associates and team members to send in questions about Plano, Georgetown and SE Michigan. Today we’re addressing a query from a TEMA team member about clean eating options in Plano – and taking it one step further. Here’s a look at our three destination cities when it comes to options for growing, supporting and eating healthy foods.

Weekend Getaways from One Toyota Destination Cities

As an extension of our focus on the three One Toyota destination cities, check out our compilation of some great getaways, all within a few hours’ drive from Plano, Georgetown or Southeast Michigan, for when you may want to kick back, sample some local fare, experience nature or delve into the backstory of a historic hideaway.

Finding a Home in Southeast Michigan

We are taking a closer look at housing options around our York Toyota campus in Southeast Michigan. Read on for a quick snapshot of the various communities in the area, including Ann Arbor, as well as some recent market data for buying and renting.

Education in the Georgetown and Lexington Area

For some team members and associates whose jobs are moving to Georgetown, the options for education are very important in deciding where in the area to locate. Because Lexington is much larger, it offers more options, but both cities lay claim to some high performing schools.

Youth Sports in Plano

Perhaps the best way to describe the youth sports scene in Plano is vast...or rich...or diverse...or endless...or perhaps all of the above. Opportunities exist for youth (and adults) in competitive and recreational leagues in virtually any sport you can imagine - indoor or outdoor, team or individual.