There is something for just about everyone when you start thinking about housing options around the York Township campus in Saline, Michigan. Although some live further away, many current team members live within a 10- or 15-minute drive from the campus, and some live close enough to walk.

Within an hour or less drive from the campus, Southeast Michigan offers a plethora of housing options that range from a 150-acre farm to a typical suburban development, or a condo. You can choose to live in a small town, a college town, or even a large metropolitan area. You can rent or buy.

According to Andy Lund, chief engineer of the Sienna, one of the great things about Southeast Michigan is that wherever you choose to live, the amenities of the surrounding areas are within an easy drive.

“There are some nice condos on the south edge of Ann Arbor where single team members may choose to live,” Lund said. “With the University of Michigan there, Ann Arbor can be a vibrant place to live or a fun place to visit.”

He commented that families may prefer to live in the smaller surrounding communities of Saline, Chelsea and Dexter, which offer great options for both town and more rural living. Ypsilanti, home of Eastern Michigan University, offers college-town amenities similar to Ann Arbor, but on a smaller scale.

The local real estate market is vibrant. In June alone, there were 360 single-family homes and 108 condominiums sold in the area, according to the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors (AAABOR). The Board’s statistics also show that over the first six months of the year there have been more than 4,000 new listings, with an average listing price of $263,232, up about five percent from a year ago.

The college town status for Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti means that it is generally easier to find apartments for rent in these areas with Ypsi decidedly more affordable of the two. Ann Arbor in particular offers renters the full spectrum: from smaller studios, which generally run between $700-$900 a month, to more luxurious options, which can run as much as triple that for a high-end two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit, such as the ones available in the newly opened Ann Arbor City Apartments in downtown.

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So exactly where is the York campus?
The Toyota campus is located within the city limits of Saline, Michigan. The city of Saline and five surrounding townships (Bridgewater, Lodi, Pittsfield, Saline and York) are located in central Washtenaw County, with Ann Arbor in the northern part of the county. Check out the local traffic and the interactive map of the neighborhoods of Southeast Michigan.

Saline High School. Public domain image.

The housing prices vary significantly across the area, with Ann Arbor tending to have the highest price for a comparable house. Below is a short description of the most popular areas for team members to live, along with some statistics about housing prices. The list is organized based on rough distance from the York campus.


Saline, where the campus is located, is a small town of about 9,000 residents. Saline offers a small-town atmosphere, a range of great family housing options in safe neighborhoods and a top-ranking school system. Bloomberg and BusinessWeek named Saline The Best Place to Raise Kids in Michigan in 2013, and the public schools in Saline are among the best in the state of Michigan based on student test results from the Michigan Education Assessment Program.

The average listing price in Saline was $377,213 for a family home and $174,893 for a condo in the first six months of the year, according to the AAABOR.


The Ann Arbor News called Milan the “unsung” jewel of Washtenaw County. You can find reasonably priced housing on tree-lined streets, great schools, vibrant community events and acres of beautifully maintained parks. Named after the famous city in Italy, Milan is known for its 19th century Victorian architecture and a charming downtown that boasts a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

The average home price in Milan was $165,387 over the first six months of the year, with more than 120 single-family house listings in that period.


Chelsea is a thriving small city with an abundance of shopping, dining, entertainment and outdoor recreation. It is a diverse community, embracing its agricultural heritage, maintaining an active manufacturing base, and cultivating a vibrant arts scene. With the Waterloo Recreation Area nearby, Chelsea residents can hike, ski or bike miles of trails, spend an afternoon fishing on one of many lakes, or experience the spectacle of the migrating sand-hill cranes.

According to the AAABOR, the average listing price for a family home in the area was $350,927 in the first half of the year with about 160 houses listed for sale. The average listing price for a condo in Chelsea was $153,182 in the January-June period.

Rural York Township

The rural portion of York Township includes quiet, family-oriented communities with homes on large lots surrounded by nature trails, flower gardens, prairies and wildlife habitats. The township is home to the 115-acre Sandra Richardson Park featuring numerous soccer fields, walking paths and more. York Township is served by two school districts, Milan Area Schools and Saline Area Schools, and there are more than 20 private schools in the area.


Ypsi, as it is called by locals, is perhaps best known for its quirky bohemian scene, great restaurants and being the home of Eastern Michigan University. Sometimes referred to as “the Brooklyn to Ann Arbor's Manhattan,” the city has a vibrant arts scene and is a known foodie (and craft beer) destination.

Located on the banks of the Huron River, Ypsi boasts more than 23,000 acres of public parks and recreation areas with great golfing, disc-golfing, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing and hiking opportunities.

The average listing price for a family home in Ypsi was $150,917 in the first half of the year, based on about 200 listings in the area. The average listing price for a condo was $84,928.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan, as well as many interesting residential communities. The downtown district, adjacent to the U of M campus, includes several unique neighborhoods filled with myriad restaurants and shops, sidewalk cafes, bookstores, museums, concert halls and art galleries. Residential options across the city range from single-family homes and townhouses to lofts and luxury condominiums. Consistently voted one of the best places to live, work and play in the U.S., the city has a thriving economic base, quality education, and close-knit communities with a vibrant cultural scene and many outdoor recreation options.

The area is a little pricier with nearly 850 family homes listed in Ann Arbor over the first six month of the year, at an average listing price of $417,024. For condos, Ann Arbor saw more than 470 listings in the January-June window, with an average listing price of $209,898.