Tiger Fish by local artist John Schwarz, whose sculptures from salvaged and recycled materials are on display at River Gallery in Chelsea, Michigan. Photo: Concentrate Media.

As team members in Erlanger consider the move to Southeast Michigan, we continue to look for information and develop articles to help build familiarity with the area.

At the suggestion of a team member who showed us a cool site about Cincinnati, we found Concentrate – a website that “tells the new story of Washtenaw County.”

Billing itself as “a narrative of creative people and businesses, new development, cool places to live and the best places to work and play,” Concentrate features articles on innovation and development across Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Saline, Dexter and Ypsilanti. You’ll also find stories on focus areas like alternative energy, higher education, Michigan kids, and small business, to name a few.

Nestled alongside the Huron River, Dexter is among the Southeast Michigan communities featured on Concentrate. Photo: Concentrate Media.

Add some blogs, lists of (and links to) growth companies by industry (think, “how might my spouse get a lead on a job”) and a link to a sister website for Detroit, and it’s a great way to explore what’s going on in Southeast Michigan without the drive.

Among this week’s features are articles on time banking in Ypsilanti, Tecumseh Brewing Company in Ann Arbor and three former University of Michigan football stars giving back with community food gardens in underserved communities.

You can set up an RSS feed to be notified of updates to the website and sign up to receive a weekly online newsletter. It is an external site, so Toyota is not responsible for its content, but it appears to be an engaging way to help team members gain some insight into what could be their new stomping grounds.

So, Concentrate on Southeast Michigan, and let us know what you think!